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My guitar teacher kind of entered me in to play at this County Free Fair Performance thing...and told me about it at my second lesson with him. I've been playing for a bit under two years and am confident in my abilities. We're just gonna do a little blues jam. I'll probably be the only bluesy act, most of the other kids play metal I guess. The only kids allowed to be nominated to play were the ones that take lessons at the school so, that's how I know. We're gonna be doing it in E..or E minor, so any great licks or neat **** I could do? All input is welcome.

I'm pretty good at improvising but I'm just interested in what you guys normally do.
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I have one person play a simple bluesy shuffle, then I improv, then swap out every once in a while.
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Well that's sorta what we're doing but I wanna know what cool licks ya'll use frequently?
I Dig Music.

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Okie, I like you too

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