I've been thinking of getting a Vox AD15VT but read about a power wattage knob on the AD30VT. People say it's good because you can adjust the power to play at low volumes. Is this worth the extra money? I only play in my room at home so it can't be loud.

I tried it out and didn't really notice anything worth getting. Anyone have any opinions?
I'd get the 30 for a little extra headroom if you ever play with a church or something where you don't need 100 watt all tube halfstack.
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I have that model for my private practice. Honetly I used the wattage knob once to see if it would work. It does but I don't care I just let it play full on and adjust the volume as needed topside. Just get the 15 if you know you can't play any louder then your room. it's not like your gonna be gigging with the amp anway.
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Don't get a 30w valvetronix, The factory speakers are not that good, Either get a 15w or a 50w, anyway theres not much to say about the Power(or "wattage") knob Some say it changes the tone others say it just changes the volume,

The only thing I use it for is to naturally overdrive the tube preamp and "VOX's patented Valve Reactor power amplifier", for a little dirt on a clean channel,

I'm a n00b to electric guitar. What does it mean to 'naturallly overdrive the tube preamp'. Could I accomplish the same thing w/ an overdrive pedal? Will one sound better than the other?
i just got the AD50VT. if you want to go loud you can go loud. want to be quiet you can be quiet. i'm thinking the 30w would work pretty much the same way. if its in a small place like a room it should do just fine. although if you want to record or do anything live pump up your ampedge. i would say its definetly worth the money. plus vox's kick butt.
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Quote by billru44

I'm a n00b to electric guitar. What does it mean to 'naturallly overdrive the tube preamp'. Could I accomplish the same thing w/ an overdrive pedal? Will one sound better than the other?

In every amp, there is a Pre-amp and a power amp, classic amps have tubes, allot of todays amps (Like the crappy Marshall MG) use transistors (transistors don't have a natural sound like tube or "Valve" amps but are more stable and don't need tube replacement), the tubes have a natural limit to how much signal you can put through it before the signal overdrives (Or distorts), back about 60/65 years ago an artist (Can't remember) liked the sound of the distorted signal, and it caught on, And now Amps come with "Dirty" or "Crunch Channels And Distortion and overdrive pedals with controlled overdrive,

But the valvetronix amps are mostly transistor driven, but have a tube/transistor Hybrid Preamp, and a "VOX patented Valve Reactor power amplifier" so to a point you can overdrive the preamp,

so in short (To late) Valvetronix has most of the pros of both transistor and tube amps,
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I just bought myself and amp with the money I got for Christmas, I got the 15 at first and was playing with it and I found that I had to watch what I was doing if I wanted to stay quiet. (I play when others are sleeping in the house)

I ended up going back and exchanging for the 30 and I'm very happy with it my choice the knob on the back really lets you crank the settings on the amp while keeping the volume lower. This lets you have a richer sound without distrubing others

thats just the way I see it, I'm very happy
i have the 30, and use the knob on the back as the main volume i rarely ever have it at full power. but its perfect for bedroom practice
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