I'm now in the market for an amp to go with my Line 6 pod 2. I currently have a spider 2 15W, but I'm looking for something with a better clean sound that will go well with the pod- I want it to be able to handle whatever I throw at it with my pod, I'll be playing a lot of different styles on it with the pod. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. Also, I'm looking for 30W+, but not so huge that it is inconveniant to take in the back of a car and whatnot. Price range: hopefully $200-300, but if theres something in the $400-500 range that is too good not to get I will consider that as well.

edit: I've heard good things about these , think that would go well with the pod?
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yes those vox sound great. also look into the peavey lineup in that price range.
as always, try them out in person and get what sounds best to you.
No way man, not only do those Vox's not sound that great, but they already have alot of effects and amp models built in. Its pointless to hook a POD to it.
You basically need an amp that has the best CLEANS. It needs no features, no distortion or effects, because you'll be using the clean channel only

I do know the Fender Frontmans have excellent Cleans.