so i would like to have a few pictures ive taken as my background on my computer. is there a program that i can just paste them to the page (theres about 6 pics) save it. and set it as wallpaper?? i tried power point. that didnt work.
i used to gimp 2 (from download.com) to make this:


it's frustrating to get used to, but with time you'll figure it out, and i've heard it's better than photoshop and free, so there ya go. now, if someone can direct me to a proper place to post my background so i can share it with the world, well, thatd be nice.
Just go to paint. YOu probably wen to open every time you wanted to add a picture, so it opened a new document. Go to "paste from" and then add the pics you want. Considering they're large enough in the first place.
Open a new doc in paint with the dimensions of your desktop like 800x640..
then with that still open open up one of your pics, copy it then go back to the first blank doc and paste it there. do this with all your pics and it should work. You just might have to mess around with the sizes a little bit..
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