So, I was looking at buying this amp

and was wondering if anyone have any personal experiences with it. I've heard about from medicore to great on other websites, and was wanting it for myself.

For what I would be using through it, I would be using a Standard strat with Hot Lace Golds, a dunlop classic crybaby wah, a boss BD-2, and a digitech grunge distortion. Thanks! BTW, I like to have a large array of different sounds.
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get the deville if you want a larger array of sounds but this amp(i used to have the 410) is loud! i needed to get an atteneutor for it. the deville is 60watts of class A/B tube power. it was great for me i play anything without the word metal, punk,emo, hardcore, etc. and the deville is a really good amp, i have all strats and i use 2 of those pedals(BD-2 and crybaby) and yeah i would highly recommend if you get this get an atteneutor. but picking between the blues and the regular, the blues is alot warmer(i have the blues deluxe which is the same thing except 1x12) and the regular is less bluesy sounding running it straight through. the difference between the 2 is the speaker the blues has 4 or 2 eminence speakers and the other one has the regular fender speakers. go for the regular i got the blues just for the tweed

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