Am I an absolute retard? I've never tried out Crate amps before and I'm new to bass, though I've played guitar for a while. Or is this a legitimately decent amp? I just want to know if that 30-day return period will come in handy. Also, I think the second button on the footswitch is meant to turn the octave effect on and off, but it does nothing.
I have the bt100 and i think it is one of the best solid state combos out on the market now. The distortion channel sucks but the clean channel is great. The footswitch is to turn the distortion on and of and the octave on and off. The reason why it probably isnt doing anything is because you ahve the octave turned all the way down on the amp. The octave knob is right next to the master volume knob. Turn that up a lot and it will boost your lows and sound sick.

Anyway i dont think you will need to return it, it sounds amazing, atleast the bt100 does.
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yeah I have a Crate 120 combo and I love it
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Awesome. I just wanted to know if I bought a Spider II/MG100-quality amp(for you guitarists) since I have a terrible history of that. Ok a one time thing with the Spider II but whatever. I agree the distortion channel is awful, but I still need help with my octave problem. I can only use the octave when I unplug the footswitch. Once I plug it in, it decides to be all evil and not work.