Whats up everyone? I'm just getting into the whole Swedish metal ordeal... playing it anyway... been listening a while. Anyway, I'm trying to find out what In Flames and bands of the Gothenburg style use in reference to harmonizing to get their distinct sound? Ive written out both guitar parts and counted the steps inbetween the two corresponding notes... but each one seems to be different. Can anyone help me here? Thank you.
I don't know aobut In Flames specifically, but common harmonizing intervals are a major third, perfect 5th, and octave. Perfect 4ths are used a good bit too. If you want a really ugly, dark sound, use a diminished 5th (aka flat 5th, augmented 4th, sharp 4th, or tritone).
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they usually take whatever scale theyre using, and make the second guitar play it 2 steps up
like if its a minor scale

first guitar:
1 b3 2 4
second guitar:
b3 5 4 b6

ignore the guy above me, that has nothing to do with in flames style
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how do you harmonize and make the notes fit into the scale but dont use that theory stuff, cant you like just play a 'third' above or below the 1st guitar and it sounds harmonized. if so. how?
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no, it really depends on what sound youre going for, if you just play major thirds, youre gonna get a weird sort of happy feel, but itll be contradicting what kind of scale youre playing, thus you should either know your theory, or be able to have the patience to figure out what you like by ear
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There is no music but metal and muhammad is its prophet.