This is my second song
My first sucked. So I think this, still sucks Let me Know........

Journey to Darkness
Mathew Piccirillo

Verse 1
When you light a fire in the
Darkest night
Can you see the darkness
passing by
Could you hear those dark sounds roaring through the night

Verse 2
Can you hear the sounds of
Harmful cries
Do you ask yourself
Have I died
Just ask the man who lives inside your mind

When you try to run
You cannot hide
When you look at the time
It?s passing by?..
Journey to Darkness

Small Solo

Verse 3
Now that you have found out
Your alive
Should you take on
The darkest eyes
If you don?t the world will meet the end of time

Large Solo

Repeat twice

You fought the battle
You?ve won the war
But the darkness no it never will be foretold


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