can anyone give me a review on the bigsby tailpiece?

i am looking to put one in my les paul

i play mostly blues influenced metal (kinda metallica, but more guns n roses)

i was also wondering if it the bigsby could be used to dive bomb (not extremely crazy, just a divebomb)?

if you can help thatd be cool
Correct me if I'm wrong, but bigsbys are usually just used for a slight vibrato, not a full out dive bomb.

If you want to dive bomb, get a stetsbar (google).
They're pretty expensive though.
Though maybe a bigsby can do a little dive bomb, I'm not sure.
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neil young has a bigsby.. he did a pretty impressive divebomb on it at the CSNY bethel woods show.

you have to really mash the thing to the body.. not recommended, but doable.
It'll ruin your tuning when you do do the dive bomb (if possible).

Get a stetsbar.

Or a Whammy pedal.
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You can still get good gilmourish solo tone vibrato out of it. Really nice and weepy.
You don't need a bigsby to do dives. Learn to bend the neck
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^ yyeah i dont reccomend that.

spend 200 and get the whammy pedal so you wont go out of tune (the bigsby is gonna be nearly that after installation anyway

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