I have a $600 budget and was wanting some effects. I was thinking about getting the TC electronics g-major. I want a good delay, chorus, maybe a compressor. Would it would be better to just get a few separate pedals and a wah pedal instead of the g-major. Any opinions and suggestions are appreciated.
i am a strong advocate of Single (analog) effects over any kind of Multi effects/Digital **** so my opinion will probably be extremely biased lol

well for 600$ your lookin at the nicer side of the effect world, for delay, i think you should look at the Boss DD-20 ( i think thats its name) but it does every kind of delay imaginable (even reverse, my favorite effect ever, makes anything you play sound trippy ) for chorus maybe a small clone ? check around ebay you can get them for cheap and most of the time they are in brand new condishion
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i have like 30 bucks to spend. and i wanna know from first hand experience does it make pp's huge? thanks
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Small clones are great for chorus. Subtle, not to over-the-top.

The DD-20 delay is great. I have a DD-6 and thats really good too.

And I agree with the above opinion that single effect are better than multis. Especially I think when it comes to delays and echos, even on really good multis I haven't heard any delays/echos that sound as good as a Boss DD or another stompbox (like an Ibanez DE-7).
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compressor wise, I like the Boss and MXR pedals. Probably would take the Boss out of the two. Chorus wise, I love my Boss Chorus Ensemble, but a lot of people here think its souds lifeless and dull. Maybe look into the EH Small Clone for that one. And finally, delay wise if you have that kind of money, maybe look into the EH Deluxe Memory Man. I think it may have chorus too, but I might be mistaken
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And also what about a wah pedal i want one that can give a really deep wah sound and is very smooth. Any suggestions?
The G-Major would not be a bad choice for chorus and delay...it's pretty much what TC Electronics does best. And another thing, unless the delay or chorus pedal has a tape loop in it somehow, it isn't analog. The Boss Chorus and Delay, like most stomp boxes of that type, use DSP chips to record and process the delayed signal. The chorus effect is just a variation of delay.