Anyone use the new anti rust models?. I had a set on since December and they pretty much kept their tone and didnt rust until now. I play about 5-6 hours every day so they are amazing value for me!
daamm, thats a long time, i use the other ones i forgot what there called, how much are the anti rust ones?
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the same price. the previous ones/the older models lasted like 1-2 months.
I have a set ready to put on once my D'addarios wear out, maybe I'll put em on my new Epi LP that has those ****ty GC strings on it, they usually sound decent for a couple of days.
I love the elixer strings for my RG Prestige. They do last a fair bit longer than a lot of others I've used. I'm starting to shred the polyweb coating on them a bit so I'll have to change em soon.
Yea, elixirs kick ass, too bad their thicker strings are pretty rare.

Some people don't like em because 'they feel like grease', for some people it breaks really soon, but for the rest of the majority it should last over 6 months, which is pretty crazy.
I got a pair once and they weren't bad. I prefer Ernie Ball Slinkys though.
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i got a free set at the last guitar show.. they still shine!! and its a lot easier to slide on the fat strings using them, im about to switch to them from earnie balls