hey...i was wondering what is a good starter metronome for me to learn to keep time? nothing expensive of course...however i want some kind of quality...thx
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do you have guitar pro or power tab?

because those have metronomes in them.....

and so do some tuners
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I have a Boss TU-80 and it's pretty good, it was about $30. It's also a decent tuner. The metronome can be a little quiet, but it's not too bad.

Or, if you're near a computer, www.metronomeonline.com is pretty awesome, because it's free, and it gets however loud you want
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Thanks for answering the question I was nearly going to ask !!!
The only slight difference to my question is

Im looking for a metronome that does chromatic tuning aswell but im willing to spend upto about £30 (not $) as im in UK but that works out to about $56

If it makes any difference I need one thats suitable for Bass.

Sorry Crimsonashes for jumping into your thread, but I guess its easier for people to answer us both than reply to two very similar threads
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get a metronome with a dial, theres nothing worse that using arrows to go through all the different tempos, also dont spend less that 15 quid cos chances are you will have 2 buy another in like a months time