I've just finished learning the solo to tnt. id say i spent about 3 or 4 hours of practice time on it and can play it not perfect, but well. is that too long to spend on one solo. or too little?
you can never pracrice to much, aslong as you nail it perfect all the time is well spent. took me a few days to learn solos sometimes, but i split it up into parts
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eehhh you shud spend a lot of time perfecting the solo or making it sound well but to learn the solo cud take any number of days
However long it takes you is just right. People talk about how they get solos down really fast (like one guy on youtube said he got the Octavarium end solo in about 20 minutes) -- and if they're not full of crap, then congrats to them

But that doesn't mean that you should feel that spending 4 hours (or even 4 days) on a solo to get it down pretty well is "too long". The time it takes to learn things gets shorter and shorter the better we get. And honestly, if you spend 5 hours learning the solo to Teen Spirit or something, who cares, as long as you get it to sound good, right?
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I spent six weeks on the november rain solo before we would play it out
Even though it took forever to learn it was very gratifying to play
p.s slash is not an easy guy to play..the notes may sometime be easy....but to make that sound can take awhile
you can't spend to much time on any song if you want it ti be perfect