what are some songs 2 guitar players can play together
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a lot of metal has guitar melodies...my personal favorite that also sounds great, is trivium! check them out. also just listen to songs, usually u can hear if they're two or more guitars
'the ends where it begins' by Manntis, and 'welcome home' by coheed and cambria if you have like an entire band with the two guitar players
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any metallica...
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Any song with a solo.
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best dual guitar band is def in flames

i second that

also nevermore if you have a 7 string....and can shred
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Allman Brothers, anybody?

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AC/DC. Totally one of the best teams of brothers in rock.

Oh yeah. Allman Brothers? +1. And there's another brother team. Sweet deal.
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If you mean 2 guitars by 1 person, look up Michael Angelo...
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Iron Maiden invented dual guitarists, and now they have 3 guitarists!

...Dual guitars go way back before Maiden, ...The Beatles...The Allman Brothers...

Sigged too
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/\ The Bealtes started around 58' (when they got Harrison) and The Allman Brothers started around 69', Maiden started around 75'.....so its about a 17 year difference just for The Beatles, and I'm sure many other bands had 2 guitarists before them as well. So yes it is a safe bet .
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Your weak mind just cannot comprehend the intense level of awesome that Pokemon is at.
^ what I think he means is 2 lead guitarists, which the beatles didn't have. and ya, basically invented by The Allman Brothers. OH WAIT! no it wasn't. Wishbone Ash. then allman brothers.