ok someone posted this thred and i wrote the following reply but the thred dissapeared befoe i could post this reply so here you go!!!

it basicly has a little lever that either touches one contact or two contacts at once, these

contacts have the hot leads of your pickups attached to them and the little lever is made of

metal and sends either 2 pickup signals or one pickup signal to the hot part or tip of your

output jack. now heres where they differ, on a 3 way switch the little metal lever either

touches one pickup ot both pickups (ie neck, neck bridge, or bridge) alternatively on a 5

way switch it toches one or two pickup contacts at a time, (ie bridge, bridge middle, middle,

neck middle, or neck) they arent too complicated, i hope this helps you, i had to learn by

taking them apart and haveing to put them back together....

im not just messing around this was a real thred, just trying to help a noob out.


~jacob t
ok, look by you posting in this thread argueing with me you have caused as much forum clogation as me, and as i said the thread dissapeared, i tryed searching for it to no avail, and seeing as the threadstarter never got his question answered i did all i could to answer it.
I thought it was quite useful, not only to that one guy, but to others. SO no one's clogging up "your" forum. I have something to add to that. Here's something I drew years ago. Maybe it'll be helpfull to people in the future..

These go to eleven...
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because i didnt catch the username on the guy, otherwise i would've

Thanks for an awesome post. I felt so stupid and noobish after i posted the question up, that i put it down. Basically i put it up and back down in like a minute. Thanks for going through the trouble to help a noob out.
BTW if i were going to hook up a a volume and tone just for the bridge and then another volume and tone for both the neck and middle, How would i do that? and how would it look connected to the 5 way switch?
I see you've asked the same thing in your other thread. Where are you gonna fit 4 knobs on a strat? I can draw it for you.
These go to eleven...
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I see you've asked the same thing in your other thread. Where are you gonna fit 4 knobs on a strat? I can draw it for you.

that would be awesome if u could draw it. It would help so much. I plan on making another hole or finding a place to drill one
here it is, you wire the neck and middle pickups to their tone pot then to their volume pot then the whole thing to the switch, do the same for the other pickup and wire it to the switch, now remember that this will only give you 3 positions because you will have the neck and middle pickups blended together all of the time, if you really wanted to do this you would need a couple stacked pots to keep your neck and middle pickups signals seperate then wire the neck middle and bridge pickups, after they have been through their own tone and volume, to their locations on the 5 way switch.
Theres a way to not have the neck and middle on together.. You have to wire the switch completely different, I'm in the process of drawing it now. But theres one problem, the tones. Both are gonna act as master tones and I don't think theres a way around it. It's probably best to have two volumes and one master tone. But i drew it with two tones anyway..

Or another option is to use two stacked volume pots and two stacked tone pots for the middle and neck. And two regular pots for the bridge. Like sempri_fi said. That would make it whole lot easier. like this..

A bit of a mess, but you get the idea.
These go to eleven...
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That looks fkin awesome man !

one more thing though, where would i all my groundings: all at one place or on the capacitor caps???
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I know i said that was last thing, but i lied.......
if i wanted to add a .001 capacitor to the volume pot as a treble bleed, would i just attach it to the right side of the volume pot and ground it on top of that pot as well?
yea you wire it like that, and also notice how jim said ONE pot, this is because sometimes you get ground loops if you tie all of your pots together so make sure you only use one pot...and you'll need to ground your bridge there too.....
A treble bleed cap should jumper the in and out of the volume pot, like this...

The resistor is optional, if you do use one, use a 100k one.
These go to eleven...
maby just get a little trim pot so you can adjust it....btw there is alot of wiring and soldering involved here, you are all cool on that right?
Thanks again dude, but the more i learn the more i am compelled to ask more.....This is basically going to be a strat style guitar but a little heavier in size (depth of the wood/ front to back) just to give u an idea. Putting in the resistor sounds like a good idea, but would u happen to know the difference of a parallel resistor and a series resistor in terms of Sound and tonality.
it doesnt affect the sound, other than change its mojo, but in paraell the values add up differently than in series.