Stairway To Heaven Solo Cover
A Stairway To Heaven solo I recorded a while back. I could do much better but I was getting used to my new recording equipment and wanted to test it out. I think I went to fast although. And some parts need to ring out more.
Man that was hip hop!! sounded like a rap song or something
i didnt like the effect you used, play it clean and post it again
yeah I dont like the drum beat I used. I think I'll Just use background guitar next time with no drums.
you need to learn the solo better and practice playing it properly before you record it and post it. Start slow and once you can play it correctly slowly then speed it up. And the drum beat sounds like a micheal jackson song.
No offense, but that's one of the worst covers I've heard. The wah doesn't work in that solo and the backing sucks. You definetly need more practice with the timing... try to play along with Jimmy in the real song, because you were way off tempo.
Wow man that was pretty horrible! i think before you post something like that especially a classic you should tighten it up some. But hey keep practicing and youll get it