is there such thing as an electric guitar that has 2 necks .. 1 for guitar and then one for bass ? I know they have the whole 12,6 thing but what about a guitar and bass in one?

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Rickenbacher (sp?) makes one I know

can I get a link please?

cause if they seriously make one I migth be interested in buying one lol
I'll find the link, but Waterstone makes a pretty oogly one, but its fun looking.

EDIT: Damn, the site doesn't have it anymore, but I think it was called Honyok. It was sparkle-orange and weird shaped and all...
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Geddy Lee from Rush used to use one I believe.
I don't know, I was really drunk at the time
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ive seen one in my guitar shop.

that was also headless, what a horrible creation.
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Rickenbacher (sp?) makes one I know

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I remember some commercial a while ago where a dude had a flying V bass/guitar.

Looked cool... I guess...