As the title suggests, I am really not sure if I'm breaking the rules of this forum by posting this thread, but I can't really find an existing thread to ask this question in. Oh, and I may as well apologize in advance for how long this post is.

I have a Yamaha Rbx170, and I don't really mind it- problem is that lately it seems like it's falling apart. The strap pin fell out and the bass fell, and the plastic piece holding the jack in place cracked and some of the wires came lose. I got it fixed- there's a metal plate in the place of the plastic piece now, and all the wires were saudered back together in their proper places.

That worked fine for a few weeks, but now it seems when I even so much as have the jazz pickups on, I'll get a pretty loud buzz. Now I could see if it's something I could fix at home or get fixed, but at this rate I don't know if it's worth it. I'm thinking that I am better off looking for another bass instead, but right now I only have enough for something in roughly the same price range and I'm also thinking about getting a much more powerful amp to play with friends in a band. It'd be stupid to buy them both at the same time, but I'll probably need both before too long. The more I spend getting this bass fixed or buying a new one, the longer the amp will have to wait. I've seen some cheap basses like the Fullerton Standard Bass (a P bass ripoff, more or less), and similar ones by Jay Turser and others- but even at the price I'd rather check before throwing money away on buying one of them. Anyone know some dirt cheap basses that are nicely put together and won't sound all that bad in the backround if I'm willing to change the setup a little?
I have a RBX170. They're well made beginner basses, though they do have those little problems. Mine is slowly developing problems, but just odd dents that i never gave it, and a loose screw aroudn the jack input. It doesn't affect the playability at all, thankfully.

Um, I'd go with Ibanezes. They are nice cheap basses, (the beginner ones anyways) and good quality.

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Yamaha RBX170
I, too have an RBX170. It's in good condition after a month so far. It started buzzing, but thats because I am using a broken cable right now.
I got a ibanez gsr200 was about 200 bucks american. I really enjoy it think its a pretty nice starter bass.
It's probably just got noisy pickups, or a wire in there is messed up. Get a bass with humbuckers, and see if the buzz goes away.
I really don't think that it's just that the pickups are noisy. The jazz pickup never used to buzz at all, now just turning it on will produce a buzz. Of course I trust everyone's reccomendations- thanks for them, but what I really am asking is if any of the really cheap basses made by other companies are sturdy and if they will produce an acceptable sound if I'm willing to change the strings and the like....if not, then I guess I'll either hope the RBX170 doesn't get any worse or put off buying a more powerful amp for a while.

As far as basses around that price with humbuckers go, I was looking at the Kramer Focus 420S. Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with those?
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