i swear to god if anyone says anything like "gees i dout your going to get a good head for that price" im going to puch a hole in the wall

all i want to know is what the best guitar amp head is for under $450
i will remind you again i am looking for basically iron maiden distortion

please help and read the first sentence i wrote before replying

oh yeah and if it makes adifference i play a les paul studio
maybe a JCM 900 or 800 if you get extremely lucky on Ebay
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i have like 30 bucks to spend. and i wanna know from first hand experience does it make pp's huge? thanks
Maybe a Vox AD100VT head. You'd most likely never pick up a good Marshall for that price. I suppose maybe a Peavey Valveking or a B-52 AT100 would work too if you could get one for that price.
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