Hey guys I was listening to Skin O My Teeth by MEgadeth and decided to learn how to play it but one thing I'm wondering how to do is after the solo when he restates that main theme of the song how does he to that scraping thing that sound like it goes up in pitch? I've looked on tabs and it doesn't even mention the scrapes so can someone help me out?
Run the edge of your pick along the lowest three strings.

Don't know the song, but from your description, I'm 99% sure you're talking abouty a pick scrape
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I heared a live version of skin o my teeth and it sounded like short pick slides
Yea I know it is pick slides but they seem to ascend in pitch as they are done.
so then run the pick up towards the bridge instead of away
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OMG hahahahaha I can't believe I didn't catch that earlier, man do I feel dumb haha. Thanks!