Well I got around 400 to work with and I always wanted an ESP. But I want an ESP with a Tune-o-matic w/stop tailpiece. So I am mixed between a couple.




Which is better and if theres anybetter in my price range($400)can U suggest something??
save about 600...get a 400 series....

the MH-400NT...is badass

but also check the schecter hellraiser/ or blackjack

there are many guitars that fit in your criteria for a guitar....but dont get any guitar by LTD under a 400...its worth the extra 200...trust me

and yeah in the hell do you want a stop-piece...a string through gives you so much more sustain...(and feels better IMO)
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get neither both are made out of real low end woods but if you seriously want to buy one buy either since its really aesthatics your concerned here. also ts what amp do you use? what music do you play?
Unless this is your first guitar or you're looking for a cheap backup guitar, avoid and LTD that isn't at least a 400 model or better. They're just not worth it.
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ESP LTDs are good, but don't go below the 400 series. Get a 400 series and get the bodystyle YOU want. The sound is the same if they have the same pick ups (EMGs mostly).

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I play metal and im lookin for a cheap backup guitar to downtune without ****in with my other one
meh id vote for the viper purely based on the looks of it. otherwise could always buy an ibanez rg321mh as your backup guitar perfectly good for metal