I see these people running
naked through the halls
Like they have no decency, or
Everyone knows naked
Everyone has it
At one point or another.
But these people all look so happy
Or confident. Or clever. Or sexy.
Some of them
look at you like you were dirt.
But they all look happy.
Sometimes I wonder why I?m not.
I loved it, except that the last line just did not have enough impact for me to really appreciate the piece.

The ideas were good, and I could see where it was going, but that last line was so bluntly put that It just didn't have any effect at the end. That's my only complaint, because I liked the piece barring that one point. I think it needs changing.

My latest is in my sig, if you could. Many thanks.

I agree w/ the airedaletheband person, wtf is going on here? I think it is about trying to be original and not giving into peer presure or something like that, but i think you could have done a lot of a better job, now please tell me if there is some meaning that i missed

other then that it looks pretty original. Now i havent hered in the context of the song but the words are kinda confusingly writen.
I thought this was OK. I can't really make my mind up any better than that though. Although quite intelligent and interesting, it doesn't grip me at all.

I assume the title's about this happening all the time, or somethin' similar?

This seemed well-written to me, so I've no great complaints.