Looking at the Epi goth g-400 vs the g-400 xtreme. Both look good but what one is the better guitar? Sound, best made, best parts, things like that. Thank you!
Well the only thing I can say about the xtreme, is that it's xtreme-ly gay.
Get the goth, but personally i'd get the G400 custom...
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whoah i almost threw up when i just looked up the extreme on google. get the g-400, it's a hell of a lot more classy in looks, however the xtremely gay has an fr...
LOL, I know the xtreame looks ore out there. But this is my 1st guitar. And I want to get the best sound that I can for $300. If the xttreame has a lot better parts I would go with it over the goth. Thanks