I built a cab and have been trying different speakers in it, b/c I simply MUST find my tone!!!!!! I'm currently playing through an ENGL head, though there have been many before this... And, currently, I'm playing through Marshall Mode Four cabs (previously was using mesas, and before that Marshall 1960's. (The MF's sounded a lot better when I was using a solid state pre through my VHT 2-90-2, which I ditched in favor of the ENGL head, which I am very happy with).

I play metal (sorta like Black Dahlia Murder type stuff with more thrashy basic edge to it).

In my custom cab, I've tried Celestion V30's, G12T-75's, and Eminence RedCoat Man o wars. The V30's and Eminence were too mid-harsh for me. Despite being in the Metal genre, I don't like major scoop sound, but also don't like ear-splitting, hard-edge mids either. I like the distortion more SMOOOOOTH, with a some biting edge, of course. Also, more open (instead of throaty and "constipated"). The G12T's were pretty smooth, but they were missing something in the low-middle.

I'm hoping something in the Patriot line has the full range I'm looking for (fat/chunky, quick, sensitive, smooth but with some edge) . Anyone have any idea?