Hey everybody,

I've been pretty much set on the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for quite a while, but I'm just not getting the money I need for it, and since a short while I've playing on an Hughes & Kettner solid state amp at my guitarlessons. Now this perticular one has been taken out of production, but it has well nice cleans and proper distortion as well!! The effects on them ( Delay, Reverb and Chorus) Are pretty much all I need, but I'd like some more, so that's why I'm now looking at the Matrix 100 Combo.

Now, my questions are if anyone as had any experience with this perticular amp or some other Hughes & Kettner?
And how long can I crank a 100 Watt solid state amp on the clean channel until it breaks into a bit of distortion?

And I'm looking forward to your replies
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umm i dont own a matrix but i own a switchblade. ive played a matrix before. and the clean will hold out untill you crank the volume up to about 6. thats when it will start to get distorted. with my switchblade it will hold out till about 9 before the cleans get a little distorted. but mines a HS and the head is tube
I've never been a huge fan of Hughes & Kettner. You'd be better off to go for something like a Tranyor YCV40 or YCV50Blue.
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Hmm, I loke H & K alot so Im gonna say yes to it. The cleans are very good and you wont have that amp up pass 6. Also, it being H & K its gonna be built like a **** brick house. and if YOU like it then thats all that matters.!