yea guitar fetish sells good stuff, try searching for your topic first as there is a few threds on this and if you dont you can get warned/banned
a cheap bridge is a cheap bridge no matter what dude- everyone is goin to try to sell there item,

persoanlly- sack up and buy an edge or an OFR- if you don want to pony up th emoney- then dont even bother upgrading it
What guitar do you own, or better, which bridge issit?
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Thats what she said...
I have cheap Ibanez bridge, TRS or something (Ibanez RG270, '99), the bridge isn't the best on the world, that's why I'm looking for upgrade... But it's hard to find a good one - you say "OFR" - mine for example has "floyd rose licensed" written on the plate too, but the difference in stability is visible (paint goes of, knives are going to desharp soon) and audible - few dive bombs and it's detuned... I have Lo-Pro Edge in my second guitar, it's m****** great, I play all the Vai stuff and it just won't get out of tune, but new golden Lo-Pro costs around 299$, reccomend me some good bridge for half of this price! (and internet store which ships outside USA)