I'm looking for a great amp in the $500 - 750 range.
I don't really care about the brand, I'm looking into quality. Something that can kick some ass at gigs. Thanks.
[mandatory question] What kind of music do you play?
Jackson DKMGT Dinky
Randall RG50TC
Roland Micro-Cube
Boss DS-1
Boss MT-2
american currency

indie / experimental / screamo / emo

myspace.com/thenewscanwait <-- a local band here, the music is similar to what i want to sound like
Peavy ValveKing 212/112.
Good low-end all tube amplifier(s). Can reach decent gain levels, but will need an overdrive pedal or two to get a good saturated tone (so I hear around here).

Randall RG50TC.
I own this all-tube amp, and find it pretty dang good. It has decent gain, and the clean breaks up really nicely at high volumes. But, again, you'll need an overdrive pedal or two if you want that saturated tone. Also - Really, really loud. For 50 Watts, it's at least twice as loud as my old solid-state Fender FM 212R, and it was 100 watts!

That band didn't have super-eXtreme gain, so either of those should suit you well.
Jackson DKMGT Dinky
Randall RG50TC
Roland Micro-Cube
Boss DS-1
Boss MT-2
id say a blues junior $399, and a pedal or two. 15W tube. plays gigs mic'd or unmic'd.

marshall mgs arent known for their quality.
peavey valve king doesnt sound that great for tube.
i like high gain randalls, but i dont think he'll need all high gain.

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Fender Twin. OR custom, they both give alot and take alot. Mic em up and get an awesome signature sound.
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MARSHALL. I don't know the specific name, but you can get a real good Marshall for about 400-600 bucks.
I'm kinda old-school, really like Fender and Mesa. Peavey makes a few models in your price range, Fender makes a few also. It really depends on what kind of sound you're after, how "big" etc. You might check out Ampeg's product line as well.

If you need a stack (for appearance sake, satge presence, whatever) check out the B-52. I know, it's solid state, but every B-52 product I've heard has been amazing. They also have a couple of nice combos.

As far as Fender Twins are concerned, I'd buy a whole truckload if I could get them new at $750. This is what I'd get for $750: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Hot-Rod-DeVille-212?sku=480509
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