is there a way to put a locking tremelo and like a fine tuner type thing on my guitar, its an 67' gibson sg special and it looks just like this picture
yeah its very possible...but for a floyd rose ect.. will take routing..that will be very expensive like 200..for just the work

but there are other type of trems..i forgot the good one...it mounts on the hardware that come with the guitar....but it costs like 300-350
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SG's are too thin for Floyd Rose.
Won't work.
You could just put Locking tuners and a normal kind of tremelo. I use Sperzel tuners.
yeh Kahler is another option but ts why do you really need a locking nut and fine tuners for your sg heck just get a schaller bridge that just has fine tuners without a locking nut and your halfway there.
Wilty modded his SG and added a Stetsbar and it looked great, he said it was really good too.
and I dunnoq...the SG body is pretty thin...im not sure if there is enough room to rout for a trem without it hanging out the back plate that ull have to route in there...
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Modding an original '67 sg special is NOT a good idea lol..
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sorry when bought it it was already routed for humbuckers thats why it was so cheap lol.

but prety much i want locking strings so i can "rape the whammy bar" and it wont come out if tune, i dont really care about the fine tuners
Seriously, don't get fine tuners if you have a good whammy, unless you have brass nuts, you nuts will break from the movement of strings, like mine
Quote by refgerto
Modding an original '67 sg special is NOT a good idea lol..

Lol, I was thinking the same exact thing.
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