as you might know, I'm a newbie looking forward to start playing electric guitar, I don't have the money but I'll soon so I'd like to make a choice before having the money so I can buy faster. So... in your opinion, what's the better electric for 100$? (don't recommend a higher budget please, unless it's a big improvement for a little more money). As I said on another thread, I don't want to play just a genre in specific, I think I'd be happy with a good quality product even if it doesn't have my favorite genre tone.

By the way, the Roland Cube 15w is the best practice amp (on a non-expensive range), right?
id take the micro cube instead of 15 cause of versatility, maybe the dean evo? (i think thats what its called)
My first guitar was a Behringer v-tone pack,it was versatile enough for me for the first say...10 months. It's an ok starting guitar,comes with amp(which is even worse) but for $100,yea
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My first was a Squier Frontman pack. Not bad actually, as starter packs go. The guitar is good for upgrading as it has a good alder body. Amp isn't great, but not the worst. Plus comes with all the accessories you'd need to buy (strap, lead, picks etc) and a guitar book which is quite good....

Above $100 but worth it IMO...
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Save up another $100 then get a $200 ibanz so you don't have to spend $300 total.
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Probably the Dean XM series. Very high quality for the price. Too bad Dean's more expensive models don't have such good bang-for-the-buck.
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I would say look at the Squier Affinity Series. They have alder bodies which is great, and are really good for the money. I think they run about $120-$150. You could probably work a deal and get a bit off if you buy the amp and guitar at the same time.

There's also the Washburn WI14, which is still my current guitar. It's $150, but well worth it. It's a really nice guitar and it hasn't let me down yet.

As for the amp, I'd suggest you look at both the Vox AD15VT and the Roland Cube 15. Either would be great for a good starter amp, and even a great practice amp for once you get better at playing.

I'd suggest that you spend the extra $20-$50 and get one of the guitars I recommended. For $100 you usually just get a garbage guitar that's made of plywood. A guitar like that won't last you more than a few months, then you'll want a new sound. The guitars I recommended are worth upgrading later on and they'll last you a lot longer. So, for $20-$50 more, is it worth it to get years more play out of the guitar?
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for 100$ almost anything really...it doesnt really matter what you get...I would suggest some sort of behringer or squire starter pack... For 100$ your gonna get a cheap guitar made with cheap parts...

The whole point of a beginners guitar is to give people something cheap and inexpensive to start out on so they can test to see if its what they want to get into before laying down 700-1400$ on some much nicer guitar. Basically anything with a name brand will suit you just fine...and after a year or...like me about 8 months of playing and you know your gonna stick with it, get a better one.

If your really on a budget...


and although im not to fond of washburns...we are talking about 10)$ guitars here

When i first started wanting a guitar...i was looking on ebay for a slightly higher end guitar...around 30)$ new...that i could get for around 150$ used...i figured it would be higher quality for a cheaper price. And I found me an Ibanez RD320dx...which is a decent guitar for 160$...but stay away from floating trems...you dont need or want one right now...but also be careful about ebay ur never sure about what your getting
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here's something to consider--buy a name brand guitar, and then if you end up quitting, you'll get a better price selling it back than with a cheapo. as for amps, go with the roland 15 or vox 15 these people are talking about instead of the micro cube, as the speaker on the micro can't handle much bass. but then again i play heavy strings, maybe it wont be a problem for you. other than that, the micro is great, i love mine to death.
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here's something to consider--buy a name brand guitar, and then if you end up quitting, you'll get a better price selling it back than with a cheapo.

Listen to the man...No brand name is a lot worse than bad brand name!
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i wouldn't get a cube 15 man, it's the only amp in the cube range without digital modelling which kinda limits you, it's kinda misleading too cause i think the modelling is what really makes the cube serires so i wouldn't call the cube 15 a cube per say.