So im stuck in a rut and i was listening to some Santana thinking is there any easy Santana 'cos i checked the easy song list and couldn't see any. So does anyone know any easy easy santana?? If not can someone recommend a fun easy songs for me to learn? (Rock or Metal or something similar to Santna)
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AC/DC back in black is always very fun to play, especially that first riff.
The solos for Maria Maria are REALLY easy. Europa isnt that difficult either.
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Umm black magic woman and smooth seem really easy to me

Actually, alot of santana's technically easy. Its getting it to sound right thats hard. Sort of like jimi hendrix stuff, you have to play it the right way with the right passion.

Try some metallica if you want easy songs.

like enter sandman, fade to black, one (yes one, the intro solo's really easy and will help you later) , etc etc. oh and seek and destroys as easy as teen spirit.
" evil ways " is just Gm and C back and forth. then it goes to D. thats about it for chords .
i love it...he asks for santana and gets metallica. though metallica is easy, i wouldn't have seen that.
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Maybe Europa? I can't remember all of it.
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"Smooth" is pretty easy. It's a fun song to play, too.

Joe Satriani is technically harder, but some of his stuff sounds similar. Eric Clapton's "Sunshine of Your Love" is easy to play and sounds like Santana. Try that song.
Samba Pa Ti is pretty easy. Has anyone else heard this? I think it sounds similar to Vai's For the love of God...
if there's a song you really like, try getting the powertab and slow down the tempo, then speed it up when you've got dominion over your guitar. dont look for 'easy' songs, that won't get you much anywhere man.