I have a vintage trem, the I have to pull really hard before I get it up a semitone, let alone 3 semitones (I literally have to lift the guitar, shake it realy hard) and divebombing is a bit better.

I want to increase the responsiveness and the sensitivity.

Will adding weight to the trem block help?
If it does, how can I attack weights to the trem block?
errmm, dont you have to take a few springs off to make it easier to move around? and adjust the screws in the cavity to allow it to move easier. what kind of tremolo is it anyyway?
If you got 3 spring in the back cavity, take the one in the middle out and adjust the spring claws. I rekcon it should help.
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- use lighter string gauge
- adjust your spring combination using only two springs, in 2-4 combination
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