How do they play? Theres this one thats on sale at TL Music for like 350 bucks. Looks pretty damn sweet, but, arent Rhoads V's way more than 350?
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i dont know but it might be a JS series guitar, which are way way cheaper than the other, better models
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350? new? no way...thats probably a fake or a licensed imitation.....leave it alone, unless youve tried it out and really are in love with it...i think the cheapest RR is the RR3, which is around $750-800

No the cheapest is the JS series RR, or maybe the RX series, i'm not sure. Either way, neither are that good.
The RX and JS series are both cheaper than the pro series (rr3)
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And both are crap. Only Rhoads really worth buying is the RR1, imo. Otherwise you're getting a pretty generic guitar with Randy's name on it. There are other V's out there.