iv been playing guitar for about 6 months now and have recently been playing standing up. but i find it alot harder than when sat down. I also seem to get quite a bit of pain in my wrist when playing standing up.

i was wandering if any1 else has this and it just takes time to get used to it?

also i cnt seem to get comfortable with the lenght of the strap, i see all these groups play really low down but that hurts even more. could anybody suggest something?
The lower it is the harder it is to play, well at least for me. But just practice everything standing up, you'll soon get used to it, and it becomes just as easy as standing up.
If you play too low your technique can suffer, that's why most people who play really low are just gripping their guitar necks like they're metal pipes and cranking power chords on them. Optimal guitar height is about waist high. You'll also want to keep your neck angled up a bit more than you would sitting down.
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I think playing with the strap down below your waist is stupid. Sure, it looks cool, but that's not what it's about. It's about sounding good and having your guitar in a position where you can comfortably play. I have my strap just above my waist, and I don't give 2 ****s what anyone says. As for the wrist pain, it'll probably just go away in time. I had the same problem before...just stick it out.
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You might be having to bend your wrist at a crazy angle to get a good grip on the guitar, so just keep raising your strap up until your at a comfortable level, and that should help.
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Just do gigs sat down.... if the drummer can why can't you!! Honestly though... the higher you have the guitar the easier / less painfull it will be.... and as said try tilting the neck of the guitar up more than you're used to.

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