hey folks ,

I had posted a thread on this earlier this week ....when i mute the first string and and do a series of hammer ons and pull offs on the 2nd string , the first string still
makes a muted sound when my fingers hit them ...how do i avoid this ? i want
to compleately kill the sound of the 1st string .

many ppl told me tht palm muting is only used to mute the 5th and 6th strings ...but heres a good example for what im tryin to do ....for all those who have seen ac/dc's thunderstruck video ...ull know what im talkin abt .....the startin riff...the guy is doin a series of hammer ons and pull offs on the second string and the first string is nowhere to be heard
...Oh my...

Look, Palm Muting is deadening the sound, it's still heard. Common for Drop-D stuff.

If the riff you are trying is on the 2nd string, and you're not hearing the 1st, you know not to even touch the 1st then don't you...?

The intro is tapping.
4-0-7-0 - to get the open strings you pull off then tap again.

I am still not understanding how you screw this up, if you can't tap, just alternate pic, the riff is very simple...
*shrugs* I don't know...
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You're just gonna have to practice practice practice till you clean up your tecnique
why would you be hitting teh first string? if youre fingers are hitting it accidently, then the only thing for it is to practice youre tapping...it doesnt ahve to dow ith muting. you have to work on getting youre tapping to teh level were you can hit the string you want dead on, without touching the others and ending up with a lot of feedback..
i agree with the rest but if that dont work just lightly touch the 1st string with a finger that your not using and that'll mute it for you