is it just me or in every video or movie i see albert collins in he uses a capo quite high up,

im just wondering why, would it not hamper alot his playing ability although obviously it has no effect on him as he is a god.

also i seen him n tv last night in a cameo role in a movie on bbc .

i think it was him, i cant really remember though he was in a blues bar, with his tele and capo
He used it to change key, so if you were playing in E, you could always return to the E by just hitting an open string, so when he was playing in different keys he would use the capo and same principle, and he probably just got used to having it so high up
That was how he played his guitar. If you look at his favourite Telecaster, the first 4 or 5 frets are practically untouched, and the higher ones are quite worn out.
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