I've been working to get a "big" guitar sound with direct line recording off my Vox AD30VT, and I was wonderring if the song on my Myspace(link in sig) "Oh Mercy" gets what you'd call a big sound, or at least a good one.

Oh yeah, I know the page says "metal/classic rock etc" but it was my page for acoustic music until last week, and my metal band doesn't have any original recordings yet.... so my old songs remain on there!

I recorded the song as follows: main part; Strat, neck pickup, volume on guitar rolled off to 5/6 panned to center(Fender blackface 2x12 model)
Part panned far right: Strat, bridge pickup, volume at 4 on guitar, vox AC30TB model
Part panned far left: Strat middle pickup, tone controls at 1, Uk70s model with flanger and reverb
Little riff at beginning: Strat middle pickup, 75% volume, tone at 8, Vox AD15 model amp

does this recording sound alright? and would this type of quality recording be okay for making demos with my band? or do I need a higher quality recorder? i am using a fostex MR8, set on extended record, but I will get a bigger memory card so I can record in higher quality.......
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