I'm thinking of building a thru neck guitar. I'm gonna buy a thru neck core and put the wings on. I can get hold of some Keruing wood for next to nothing but I've never heard of it being used for a guitar. It's a hardwood, really dense but I know nothing else about it.

Here's the Wiki Link

That's all the info I can find. Has anyone ever heard of this wood and does anbody have any Idea of what I will sound like?

If this goes through it'll be a 24 fret, alexi laiho sig shape (like a RR but the difference between the wings is smaller), OFR with Either EMG's (60,81) or maybe a bill lawrence with a SD. It'll probably be a solid black or some other solid colour but that's not been finalised.

Any suggestions for different pickups, or other woods if this wood turns out to be crap, are welcome.
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Well, it's in the same scientific order as basswood, and in the same class as paulownia, but that doesnt really mean anything. Try it!

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If you hold the wood at it's node and tap it does it sound good? If it does then try it and see what happens. If it sounds dead then I'd use something else.
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