hey everyone, im looking for a boost pedal so that whne i go into a solo i can boost my volume above the rythem guitar and the solo can easily be heard, i just wondered what is the best one out there to buy? thanks
MXR micro amp is good, but I just use an EQ pedal like the Boss GE-7 to take me above the mix. You can bring out the mids with the EQ pedal as well.
if you have a tube amp you could go for an overdrive pedal? or if you're using SS an EQ might be a good option
had the same exact problem dude. Boss makes an EQ pedal where you can change your EQ and also boost your volume. i tried many different boost pedals and volume pedals and this sounded the best and was the easiest to use.
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The Seymour Duncan boost pedal is great... And there's this hand-made one that I can't really remember the exact name and brand of...Sonic Boom?
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I wanted the exact same thing, and i use a Boss OD-3 with the level maxed and gain turned right down, boosts the volume whilst still keeping the characteristics of the MT-2
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What style of music do you play? One thing to consider with a boost pedal is that it just boosts the volume to around 10-25db. If you play with we'll say scooped mids, its still not going to cut like you want it to. An EQ on the other hand will boost whichever frequencies you tell it to as well as the volume.
Just a thought for you.
I use a Boss OD-3 as a boost, works so damn well.
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