Ok so lately my marshall jcm800 1960 slant cab has been giving off some noise. I have run three different heads (jcm 800 2205, mesa boogie triple rectifier, framus cobra) through it and I have come up with my own conclusions. When ever I play with any three of the heads there is the hissing/buzzy sound coming from the cab. I play death metal/ hardcore stuff and I do almost always scoop the mids and almost dime the bass. Could it be that the cab simply cannot handle the amount of bass/lack of mids im sending through it with such heads as the triple rectifier and framus cobra? Or could there be a loose speaker wire that would need to be resodered, or a blown speaker all together?
what speakers are in the 1960? I've used an AV with V30's that sounded great with a Trec, no hiss or buzzing as far as I could tell. That's the only 1960 I've used though. I don't think it's inherantly in the cabs that they can't handle the low end though, I've heard of other people using them. I would guess more a speaker problem or something else. Have you tried running it stereo? I don't know the connections on the cab, but maybe you could try running it stereo and only using one side at a time to see if you can isolate it to being a speaker problem. Of course, match whatever impedance the stereo option on the cab uses on your head too if you try it.
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I dont know why anyone would dime the bass on a Triple Recto...itd be way too moosh for any live situation. Just try...turning down the bass? lol
nah id never crank the bass on a trip rect but it just seems like this cab kind of clips when playing the lower notes, ive heard good things about the vht fat bottom 4x12 cab but there arnt any dealers around here that sell them
^ yeah totally. If I put the bass past 1 or 2 o'clock on my Recto, at high volume, the cab will clip really badly. And its a Recto cab!