Hey guys,I wasnt to sure where this thread should go but i need to ask a question. What is the best record label in terms of having metalcore bands.
I need to know fairly quick coz im struggling with media work

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check trustkill (it dies today, bleeding through), ferret (everytime i die, in flames), century media (shadows fall), roadrunner (killswitch engage, bullet for my valentine), victory (the autumn offering, most precious blood), and most certainly METAL BLADE (as i lay dying, unearth)
If it's for media work bro, cover roadrunner. Yes, I know they suck, but it's the easiest to cover. Research on them would be piss easy, and there's a good deal you can write about them. Lots of ads, etc.

Good luck bro!

then Metalblade.

Then everything else. Most other legitimate metalcorebands are scattered about on labels which they share with bad ones. Example; Victory has BTBAM and Darkest Hour, who are labelmates with Atreyu and the Black Maria. Another example; Ferret has Every Time I Die and Heavy Heavy Low Low, who are labelmates with Funeral for a Friend and From Autumn to Ashes.
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Anything but fucking Victory.

And technically, FFAF are on Warners now. I guess maybe not in America, but 'Hours' definitely isn't the kind of record I'd have imagined Ferret to put out.