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Hey guys,I wasnt to sure where this thread should go but i need to ask a question. What is the best record label in terms of having metalcore bands.
I need to know fairly quick coz im struggling with media work

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check trustkill (it dies today, bleeding through), ferret (everytime i die, in flames), century media (shadows fall), roadrunner (killswitch engage, bullet for my valentine), victory (the autumn offering, most precious blood), and most certainly METAL BLADE (as i lay dying, unearth)
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If it's for media work bro, cover roadrunner. Yes, I know they suck, but it's the easiest to cover. Research on them would be piss easy, and there's a good deal you can write about them. Lots of ads, etc.

Good luck bro!
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then Metalblade.

Then everything else. Most other legitimate metalcorebands are scattered about on labels which they share with bad ones. Example; Victory has BTBAM and Darkest Hour, who are labelmates with Atreyu and the Black Maria. Another example; Ferret has Every Time I Die and Heavy Heavy Low Low, who are labelmates with Funeral for a Friend and From Autumn to Ashes.
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Anything but fucking Victory.

And technically, FFAF are on Warners now. I guess maybe not in America, but 'Hours' definitely isn't the kind of record I'd have imagined Ferret to put out.
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Deathwish, Metalblade or Prosthetic. imo.