Im thinking of building an acoustic guitar for a woodwork project at school can any one give me any tips on what woods to use and anything else that would be off help.
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i hope that you are an amazing woodworker and you schhol has all the right gear, because acoustics are amazingly hard, search some of corduroyEW builds, he is a very very impressive acoustic guitar luthier. And probably PM him in a couple of days if he doesnt find this thread, he should be able to answer all of your questions
any good resonant wood should do fine. ebony for the fretboard, rosewood top, basswood body. good luck with that, btw. post pictures if you actually do it
But whats harder, acoustic or electric, i suggest go for the easiest option, because what ever you build, it'll get a good mark and if you go for acoustic you can make it a cool shape that acoustics never usualy are, not crazy as V but maybe double cutaway or something
if you double cutaway an acoustic it won't be too loud..... you would have to strike instead of strum...

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