Title pretty much explains. I need a good song that will get me a decent mark. I cant play mega fast so stuff like bosoton rain melody and stuff is out of the question, though ive no problems at high speed. What grade would Come On (part one) - jimi hendrix be likely to get?

please help
how long do have to learn it, canon rock by jerry c would be good.

or little wing, seriously little wing by srv or hendrix

or lenny

you could get an A with most those i would guess

get practising though
" the lick is simply a diminished harmonic minor arpeggiated sequence of dominant stitonics descending down in whole steps in the Phrygian mode...with a raised fourth.
Under the bridge by RHCP.

If you can do the intro cleanly and solidly its a good one. And i mean play it correctly alot of people and tabs remove some of the bass notes.
Well try to get something that isnt just you strumming for 3 minutes, something quite complex, if you can get the tabs or music to it i highly suggest 'milion miles away' by rory gallagher it'll probably get you an A if done correctly

EDIT:Its 9 minutes long BTW