A couple of months ago the band I sing and play guitar in did some fairly decent quality recording, and we'd appreciate your comments/criticism...

We call it alternative rock, but some of the stuff we recorded was older, more mainstream stuff, as we had limited time in the studio and didn't want to record anything we didn't know really well. We try to experiment a bit, using a couple of odd time signatures, some weird effects....anyway, that's enough talking....

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Will return any crits....
I am impressed. While listening to turgid however, I found it varied itself a little too much, I personally like quite catchy stuff, and by reaching the first chorus, couldn't remember anything about the earlier part of the song. The chorus is very nice, well sung too. "What happened to you" is much more my cup of tea, nice riff on the guitar and again well sung. A few bends slightly off on Walking but it's hardly noticeable and perfectly in time. Again a memorable riff on Colours with appropriate drumming and lyric timbre.

And that's my whistle-stop review.