So, I got my brand new HotRod DeVille today, I plugged everything in and turned it on properly (30 secs of standby). It made a humming noice, so I turned it off, checked everything and turned it on again. Nothing. The power LED is dark, and there's no sound in the amp. I'm pretty sure the fuse is broken. What went wrong, and how do I fix it?
i would return it...thats usually a good solution.
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Return it, no point in voiding the warranty when you can get a new one for free.
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I don't want to be a wise ass, but are you sure everything is plugged in correctly?
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I had a similar problem with mine (after about 4 years of reliable service)...pretty much the same thing you're describing (noise, then the fuse blew). Something happened in the power amp section and it fused my output transformer and blew the filter caps. If yours is doing the same new from the store, take it back and get another one.
What is there to misplug? Guitar where it says input. Footswitch where it says footswitch. Power cord in the power outlet.

Thanks for the response, I'll take it back to the store tomorrow. This sucks big time
Yeah, there isn't any way you can plug it in wrong where it will actually damage the amp, except for the speaker and extension speaker jacks.

Just got mine back from the shop...$156 for the repair. New output transformer and caps and a couple of resisters...hopefully it doesn't blow up again.