Ok, so this may seem a little ridiculous, but I was wondering if anyone knew about some kind of spray or something that can renew the "new guitar smell." I've got a Taylor 414CE and last night my friends and I had a little bonfire and I brought my guitar. This morning when I opened my case I realized that the guitar was emitting a fierce smokey aroma. Besides being alarmed that the smoke/fire (humidity, etc.) may have damaged the guitar, I was also wondering if there was a product on the market that could remedy the smell of an acoustic guitar...trivial as it may be, it's kinda annoying.

It's not urgent or anything. I'm pretty good about maintanence and humidifying the instrument, taking care of it as well as I can. I was just curious if anyone knew of something to get rid of that smokey smell without harming the guitar. haha I'm not about to spray it down with lysol or febreze!

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polish it a lot, and leave it in the case?
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ahaha, no not guitar center. Just the way it smelled before the fire..like a Taylor factory I would imagine. Maybe I can throw an air freshener in the case or something, but I wasn't sure if these typical products would damage it more than solve a simple little problem like smell. I'm obviously more concerned with the functionability and health of the guitar than having it smell good. I'm just seeing if anyone knows of a simple remedy that's out there because the smell of burning wood is...wrong for a guitar.

And to be clear, the problem is inside the guitar, not on the front finish. Maybe it'll go away on its own?
Somehow, they say, this door will sway and swing between the Universe and me.
I'd say just leave it out of the case for a few days, depending on your humidifier, and just let it sit and get rid of said aroma.

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