Does anyone know how I can improve my speed? I'm not talking about becoming insanely fast or shredding, I just want to learn to play some faster songs such as those in thrash metal songs.
Guitar&Bass basics, some of the articles in the lessons section on the main page are good.
do you want to learn stuff like this: ?


You know what I mean. First you need to alternate pick (up, down, up, down etc.), second of all you must palm mute while alternating. That's what gives the cool sound. Stort slowly and improve speed and play with a metronome (a cliché, but still true!:P)

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what is a solo?
i wont be a dick and even tho ur in the rong forum
ok u can learn alternate picking or theres this insane picking called economy picking
and just u can build it up by learning the fast song u want to no slow and as time goes and stuff u will build the speed for it thats wat happend to me like u want to start slow so u learn accuracy so when u go fast u dont mess up,accuracy is the key man anyone can play fast but they will mess up like crazy if they dont have accuracy
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well since there are replies here I'll post here but I wont do it again...

can't i just palm mute all the way through while playing like this,

E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

or do I have to mute each individual note like this:

E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

... they both mean the same thing.
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