which case should i buy, i have a vintage 67' gibson sg special

MF case here

epiphone case here

gibson case here

is it worth the money for a gibson case, or should i go wiht a cheaper epiphone of MF namebrand
i'd probably go with the gibson because you know you can trust it if i had a gibson sg i'd go for the gibson, not for the name but the quality. but check out the reviews for them first. and if you can maybe try one out?
yeah man i would go for the gibson or for the epiphone because they are both really good names and you cant trust them
go witht the epi i have that exact one and it is amazing
once ur guitar is in there it wont move so u can throw that case around and nothing would happen to your guitar im serious it is built like a tank no doubt
also its the exact case as the gibson except it has the epi logo thats the only difference save your money and go with the epi im serious its amazing
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I would say the gibby, gibson makes great cases, MF makes ****e cases, IDK about the epi though. . .
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