Just like the title says, should I get this or this?

This will be my first guitar... are there any other beginner guitars I should be aware of?

I will be playing rock/metal/funk...

if you can eek out 100 more dollars you will have a much better guitar an epiphone les paul 100 with a decent amp, that is much better than the packs, but if i had to pick one of those i'd pick the SG
I got my first electric yesterday and I got the Epiphone Special SG.
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whats your budget? you can get a much better amp and everything else you could use for a better value
well The specials are not that good, there made of plywood, meaning not that good, But if its your first guitar.....its up to you,
I'm playing for about a year now. my guitar is an epiphone lp, but not the special edition. here in germany it was about 450?. don't know how much it is in the states but its a really great guitar and i fall in love for it. if you have the budget, get it ;-)
Hmmm... as I said before, it IS my first guitar.

My parents are complaining with the $200 already. =\

...$250 for everything is probably the max.

I would say a used fender fat strat. . . then buy a micro cube in a month or two. . .
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