Hello mates!

I'm going to buy me a new acoustic guitar this week, and I was wondering if anyone here has played any model of the Guild GAD series? What I want to know is if they are good guitars!
And also, I'm very interested in the Martin D-16GT, anyone ever played that?

Guild guitars are really good but Martins are good also. I would get thew guild guitar better. I love their styles and finishes. Go with guild! cheers!
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its old, good, but old lol
Don't buy either unless you've tried them, you could end up being EXTREMELY disappointed. I won't speak for others, but about every decent Martin I've played at Guitar Center has lacked tone. Jerry Cantrell plays a Guild, and others too, but then again, others play (good) Martins, and, like I said, I am yet (after dozens of them) to found a truly good Martin. Go to your local Guitar Center, or music shop. Try some stuff out. Here's some advice: acoustics can sound radically different depending on what strings they are using. Use D'Addario EXP strings, they're UNBELIEVABLE. They produce incredulous tone. The best sounding acoustics I've played: some 800 U.S.D. Breedlove Dreadnaught, and a Takamine EG334 cutaway acoustic/electric, which I purchased. Good luck, acoustics are tricky.
That's good advise, I wouldn't buy a guitar site un-seen or more particularly un-played. Even well known makers can produce a dud, though I honestly can't say I've played a bad Martin but I get the feeling either my ear, or my standards aren't quite as high as oddling.