I already own a Schecter Hellraiser and I love it, but I'm looking for a guitar with a Floyd Rose Trem on it and because I love the Schecter I own now I'm thinking of buying the C-1 FR.

If there are any owners reading this or anyone who has played one, could you please inform me of how good it is?

Yeah my bro has one, it's a pretty all round solid guitar really, if you have a hellraiser already, shouldn't be a lot of difference, just the FR!
Thanks for reading
i wouldn't reccomend gettin another similar gutiat to be honest, get soemthing with a different tone, so you can sound more varied.
dont get the c1 fr get the hellraiser fr it'll be identical but the regular c1 fr isnt too good specs wise, the trem is probably nowhere near as good as the hellraiser fr's ofr. You COULD get an ibanez rg1570/s470 /etc too if you want to look into ibanez. But as far as schecters go unless you can pick up the older c1 fr with the ofr get another hellraiser with a fr.
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